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  • E-Bike Manufacturing

    We want to build India as a driver in electric vehicles.  
    The Central Government launched the Go Electric campaign to boost the adoption of electric mobility vehicles in the country.
    The Government of India announced the new campaign will help in reducing the import dependency of the country in the coming years and be an important step towards cleaner and greener future.
    E-bikes emit lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars. You can help by using an E-bike instead of a petrol or diesel car. If you use the E-bike instead of a petrol vehicle it will save you money in the long run.

  • Solar Home Light Manufacturing

    The most important aspect that determines whether the LED
    Lighting partner is right for you is our experience in manufacturing
    and quality of infrastructure. After all, the products of high-quality
    and large quantities are only produced in world-class, optimized
    manufacturing centres with less than 1% rejection rates.

    Our vertically integrated manufacturing setup with in-house
    automated powder-coating and more facilities, ensure that
    businesses who associate with us have products that deliver the best
    We provide reliable and high-efficiency lighting solutions and we
    aspire to deliver that with our dependable expertise in LED lighting