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Pravin Dixit

Chief Manager - Precilube-Incorporated

Our Products

  • BILZ Precision Wedge Mounts

    BILZ Precision Leveling Wedge PK are manufactured as a freestanding series. They can be bolted onto the machine and through to the foundation.

    The design permits the highest of precision leveling within the range of 1/100 mm. Creep from their preset positions due to vibration influence is prevented by a self-locking device.

    The large supporting surfaces of the leveling wedges permit optimum foundation support and rigidity.

    High solidity and equally high vibration insulation is obtained through the addition of selected BILZ insulating plates.

  • BILZ Antivibration Green Plates

    BILZ insulating plates are highly developed materials
    Designed to combat problems caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure-borne noise.
    Made from an exactly defined combination of nitrile rubber, cork particles and cross-linked polyester-fibre, this high-grade compound material possesses all the physical and mechanical properties.
    One major advantage of this new compound material is its resistance to modern cooling lubricants; the mountings can thus also be used in oil sumps without any problems.
    Resistance to Aging
    The service life of these mounting plates is nearly unlimited if the load values are observed. No permanent deformation. Extremely high degree of resistance to conventional oils, grease, acids, etc. Completely resistant to cooling emulsions,
    Machine mounting in oil sumps.

  • BiAir Membrane Air Springs For Sensitive Machines

    The Air-Spring Insulator BiAir® consists of a cast aluminum body whose air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressure resistant roller diaphragm. The plunger is seated on this diaphragm and is pushed into the air volum.

    This design causes highly effective vibration insulation. In order to obtain as high a dampening effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load/dampening volume) linked by air pipe. By the adjustable valve the dampening can be easily changed from outside. Due to the friction caused by the air-stream passing through the bypass valve, up to 25 % dampening can be effected.

    Additional safety valves will protect the roller diaphragm from getting damaged by over-inflation.

  • Isolation Foundation For Sensitive & Heavy Machines

    BILZ insulating plates are ideally suited for vibration suppression of foundations and baseplates.

    The main purpose of the foundation is to stabilize the machine as well is to increase the moment of inertia. The foundation thus positively influences machine vibration by reducing the amplitude of oscillation. It is wrong, however, to assume that any foundation large enough would eliminate all vibration problems.

    It is important that as much information as possible be supplied regarding the machine to be isolated, this will include machine size and weights, any dynamic features of its operation, location including ground type, condition where optimal performance is required and a vibration analysis of the machine and site conditions.

  • Perma Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems

    Perma automatic lubrication system–we meet your needs:
    24 hour operation
    Simple  installation
    Easy tool-free exchange
    Compact, requiring minimal mounting space
    Tough systems-no power needed
    Regular injections of small quantities of fresh grease to provent bering contamination

  • Perma Battery Operating Systems

    The Perma Star Vario is an electromechanical single point lubricator which delivers optimal lubrication to machine elements such as bearings and chains.  The perma Star Vario single point lubricator provides a reliable alternative to manual lubrication and has many advantages when compared to gas type lubricators.
    The key differences between the perma Star Vario and gas type lubricators are listed below:  

    Grease dispensing from the Star Vario is controlled via a battery powered mechanical drive system which delivers measured volumes of grease at precise intervals.
    The rate of grease dispensing is independent of ambient temperature and can be varied by means of simple-to-apply settings. Refer to Table 1 below.
    The higher pressure output from the Star Vario facilitates flexibility for remote mounting option

  • Bench Top Dispensers

    EFD Inc., a subsidiary of the Nordson Corporation, designs and manufactures precision dispensing equipment—which apply controlled amounts of the adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids used in almost every manufacturing process throughout the world.

    Innovative products, reliable performance and extraordinary customer and technical support continue to make EFD a world leader in the markets they serve.

    Local EFD sales and service is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

  • MicroCoat

    The MicroCoat is a different type of stock lubrication system that lets metal stampers apply the perfect amount of oil for each job.

    Contact lubrication systems like pads and rollers can be difficult to regulate, are easily contaminated, and often require significant maintenance.

    In contrast, the MicroCoat is a non-contact system that applies oil as a fine, consistent film that provides complete coverage using much less oil.

  • Robots

    EFD robots are a cost-effective way to increase throughput and quality and reduce production costs by automating repetitive fluid dispensing tasks.

    Our TT robots feature integrated time and pressure controls that regulate the operation of the valve or syringe barrel without the need for an external controller. They are available with 325mm x 325mm or 525mm x 525mm work envelopes, and are easy to program with a handheld PDA and EFD’s user-friendly software.

    For processes where product changeovers are frequent, we offer 4-axis robots that permit CAD drawings to be downloaded and used to simplify setup.

  • PAX

    Pax Products Inc. has developed an airless application system with individually adjustable lubricant dispensers/Nozzles the system will operate with controls of the press or independent of press, based on the configuration of the lube system. The system also has facility of recycling of the lubricant from the press back to the reservoir of the lube system. Since Pax Inc. has its own stamping facilities, these systems are the practical, workable solutions used to solve the problems related to stampings.
    The two main reasons for applying In-Die lubricant are to reduce friction and dissipate heat. Heat can built up between the tool surface and metal, causing lubricant to break down. This results in metal to metal contacts and galling. You need a better method for application of In-Die Lubrication methods to improve on Tool Life and Higher Outputs with lesser downtimes.

  • Samoa Product Application

    Applications :

    Transfer bulk packed lubricants to the work place
    Dispensing oil from drums, tanks, containers, etc.
    Dispensing grease from cartridges, kegs, drums, etc.
    High pressure greasing

    Market Segments :
    Workshops for cars, trucks, buses...
    Everywhere where lubricants are used

  • Industrial Shock Absorbers

    Industrial shock absorbers are used as hydraulic machine components for slowing down moving loads with minimal reaction force.

    ACE shock absorbers are characterized by the use of the most recent and innovative technologies such as the piston tube, stretch or rolling
    diaphragm seals. Thus, the shock absorbers offer the longest service life in high energy absorption.

    ACE industrial shock absorbers are machine components that are easy to use and also flexible in use with their multitude of optional accessories.

    ACE industrial shock absorbers are high quality dampers for smooth deceleration in end position of automatic processes. High energy absorption capacity and solid construction guarantee a long lifespan; including in harsh environments. The absorbers are available in various sizes to slow down masses weighing just a few ounces to more than 225,000 pounds.

  • TUBUS Profle Dampers

    The innovative TUBUS bumpers are a cost-efficient alternative for emergency stop applications and continous use. They are made from a special co-polyester elastomer. They constantly absorb energies in areas in which other materials fail. The excellent damping characteristics are achieved as a result of the special elastomer material and the world-widepatented design. The bumpers are constructed to absorb energy with a damping curve that is declining (TA-series), almost linear (TS-series) or progressive (TR-series). The TUBUS series comprises 7 main types with over 140 individual models.

    ACE-TUBUS bumpers are the alternative for applications in which the mass does not have to be stopped in an exact position or the energy does not have to be 100% removed.

  • Qualitech Industrial Products

    We at Qualitech Industrial Products are pleased to introduce ourselves as the Authorized Dealer of M/S Chicago Pneumatics a leading manufacturer Tank mounted screw air compressor with dryer and other series of air compressors.
    Tank Mounted Air Screw Compressor with Dryer
    Especially suitable for installations that need to produce compressed air with a low dew-point. The unit consists of a compressor, a tank and a refrigerating dryer using R 134 gas: it features a dew-point indicator and timed condensate discharge. When oil-free compressed air is required, the unit can be fitted with a series of de-oiling filters.

  • Thermosonics - Creating Sound Proof Industrial Environment

    Thermosonics Pvt. Ltd. is a company managed by technocrats, engaged in design, manufacture and installation of noise control devices for various applications for more than a decade.

    We have the experience and knowledge to identify the sound power of all acoustic sources within given work area. This helps us to specially design the acoustic material which is used to reduce the sound pressure levels.

    Design Features
    Desired Noise Reduction or Attenuation
    Smooth operation of machines for easier loading and unloading
    Easy assembly and Removal for maintenance purpose
    Sufficient ventilation and viewing arrangements.
    Correct us of Absorbing, Barrier and Damping materials