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Are you a freelancer? Create your own portfolio with a digital business card

  • 2019-08-16

Digital Business Card For those professionals who want to improve their network in the digital world. Are you a professional photographer, fashion designer, graphic designer, creative director, actor .......?  then Digital Card is for you.  As a professional, you need to show your work to your client in this Competitive world.

As Digital Business Card Provider we provide :

1: A feature of a gallery in our digital card. In which we have Image And Video section.
2: Where you can store your photographs with their name(title).
3: You can also add your video.  
4: Share the details of your services with short descriptions and images.
5: No storage problem. you can add unlimited video and images without paying the extra charge for additional storage.
6: To control this feature we give you an admin panel from where you can add and update your portfolio multiple times.  

To create your Digital Visiting card.

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