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Paper Business Card Vs Digital Business Card ?

  • 2019-08-16

Paper Business Card Vs Digital Business Card?

In a digital age when we are engaging with people online.
Networking on social media has become as common and important. So For that, we need a digital solution for a paper business card.

Paper Business Card

1: For the well-designed business card, you need to search for a good designer and paid them a good amount.
2: It takes space and we need to reprint to update.
3: They are so expensive. because of the need to print a new card for every update of details.
4: And research has shown 88% of business cards handed out will be thrown out in less than a week.
5: Not Eco-friendly.

Digital Business Card

1: Differentiates you from your competitors and make you stand out.
2: Not so expensive easy to maintain. You can change your details any time anywhere with a yearly subscription.
3: Digital Business card is easy to share with most of the social media platforms and through SMS.  
It helps you to reach people way faster than a paper visiting card.
4: Easy to showcase work through a feature like an image and video gallery.
5: Eco-Friendly.

To create your Digital Visiting card.

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