Perfect Power Solutions

Company Info
Perfect Power Solutions was found  in 2009, which is focused on providing eco-friendly, reliable and high-efficiency Products, and we aspire to deliver that with our dependable expertise.
After years of development, our business market has expanded in all over India.  
Since the foundation of Perfect Power Solutions, we have adhered to the high quality “Made In India” line with rigorous quality inspection procedures.
In order to provide products to more countries and regions with simple, low glare, energy saving, high quality, safe and reliable and low maintenance costs, we will continue to effectively promote major series products of Solar Home Systems and E-Bikes, and hope to have the opportunity to develop long-term business with our customers.

We want to build India as a driver in electric vehicles.  
The Central Government launched the Go Electric campaign to boost the adoption of electric mobility vehicles in the country.
The Government of India announced the new campaign will help in reducing the import dependency of the country in the coming years and be an important step towards cleaner and greener future.
E-bikes emit lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars. You can help by using an E-bike instead of a petrol or diesel car. If you use the E-bike instead of a petrol vehicle it will save you money in the long run.
In laws, Low speed E-bikes are still considered as a bicycle, so you can skip process of registration or getting licence plates or insurance, getting an E-bike can be a good choice.